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Community Guidelines - Norgannon
Community Guidelines
Anything WoW related is allowed! This is a place where anyone (Horde or Alliance) on the (US) Server of Norgannon can post, talk, hang out, and discuss. Pictures and screenshots are allowed, but if you have more then one or they are over 300x300 pixels, please place behind a cut. (Also this community is rated PG/PG-13, so no nudity or porn*.) Please limit your vulgarity, (If it's excessive just put behind a cut) and respect other community members. Personal attacks, accusations without proof and flaming is not allowed.

If you have any WoW related nudes, porn, or erotic art I would like to direct you to two communities.
Make sure the art is clearly labeled and the pictures are behind a cut. (Those are their rules.)

So this means. One last rule.
Do. NOT. leave a comment in my personal journal saying I am an evil dictator who hinders creativity. It sounds stupid, but that heppened to me once before in a mood theme REQUEST community. (I only asked that you not request mood themes that had been made by the actual mood theme community we were attached to.)

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